Shifting L’s to Lessons.

As I am getting older I am trying to shift my perspective of loss. I always say everything happens for a reason but am I really living out that statement? I know I am not alone with being hyper focused on the mistakes, the failures and the negative situations that have happened in my life.Continue reading “Shifting L’s to Lessons.”

You deserve better than this sh*t

I am not a relationship expert by any means but sharing might help the next person. I have seen enough to know what I do not like and what does not work for me. The dating field is an interesting place to be. In my experience I have been feeling like it has been aContinue reading “You deserve better than this sh*t”

Traveling Essentials by Good2Know

Aasha’s travel essentials What to wear and bring to the airport: Layers. Have a t-shirt, with a zip up hoodie, leggings and sneakers. Never know what the temperature is at the airport or the plane. Sneakers because you might need to run to a gate. If you can, bring headphones. Airpods + old headphones with theContinue reading “Traveling Essentials by Good2Know”


Aasha’s favorite things of AUGUST: 1.Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO 2.Nike cap 3.Park hangouts4.The Cookout alliance on Big Brother5. No Love Lost album by Blxst Darcell’s favorite things of AUGUST: 1. Riu Montego Bay2. Rum Cream3. I’m Still Here-Austin Channing Brown4. Blue Mountain Coffee5. Naps FAVORITE THINGS OF THE YEAR In honor of Good2KnowContinue reading “OUR FAVORITE THINGS OF AUGUST”


Aasha’s favorite things of JULY: Ding Tea (Williams) 4225 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97217 Glass Carafes Knotless braids Victoria Bar 4835 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217 Introvert memes on IG Darcell’s favorite things of JULY: 1. Big Brother on CBS2. Coalition Art Gallery coalitionartgallery.com3. Summer of Soul (Hulu)4. Visit with baby Jordyn 😍5.Continue reading “OUR FAVORITE THINGS OF JULY”


Hey ya’ll we did a sake adventure a couple weeks ago and wanted to share. Our selections were Yuri Masamune Beautiful Lily, Hakutsuru Chika Sake Cup and Hakutsuru Draft Sake. Darcell’s picks:1.Yuri Masamune Beautiful Lily2. Hakutsuru Draft Sake3. Hakutsuru Chika Sake Cup Aasha’s picks :1. Hakutsuru Draft Sake2. Hakutsuru Chika Sake Cup3.Yuri Masamune Beautiful LilyContinue reading “SAKE ADVENTURE”

Let’s talk about settling.

Hi friends. It is your friendly neighborhood home girl about to give you a message you probably don’t want to receive. Listen up buttercup and open your heart to this. Stop settling. Stop being miserable for the sake of “love” and familiarity. There are too many people, too many islands, too many restaurants, too manyContinue reading “Let’s talk about settling.”


I am angry and disappointed but not surprised. Historically the Black community has had a taboo relationship with mental health. The shift has slowly happened where people have opened up the conversation about therapy and getting support. My relationship with therapy and mental health is a little different. Therapy has always been talked about inContinue reading “ANGRY AND BLACK”


Aasha’s favorite things of JUNE: 1. Black Girl Sunscreen Inflatable pools 3. Going to bed early4. Loki Celebrating friendship (wedding season) Darcell’s favorite things of JUNE: 1. 365 Popsicles (Caribbean Mix)2. Homemade Matcha lattes 3. Counterpoint (Amazon Prime)4. Everybody Eats PDX (Ultimate Seafood Mac & Cheese) 138 NW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 9720 reading “OUR FAVORITE THINGS OF JUNE”

Nobody’s perfect. Giving myself grace.

Lately I have been challenging myself to let go of my need for perfection. It comes naturally to me to support others, to remind them that they did their best and to show them grace. Unfortunately I am not always able to extend this same grace to myself. A situation at work recently challenged meContinue reading “Nobody’s perfect. Giving myself grace.”