Aasha’s favorite things of OCTOBER: 1. Dionne Warwick on Twitter @dionnewarwick2. Megan Thee Stallion’s Nike training workouts 3. Portland Art Museum 4. Herschel backpacks https://herschel.com/shop/backpacks5.Victoria Bar – 4835 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR Darcell’s favorite things of OCTOBER: 1. Really Love-Netflix 2. Tamela Mann on The Terrell Show https://youtu.be/qH-bcZt1gKc3. Top Ramen Noodles, with a fried egg, ginger and greenContinue reading “OUR FAVORITE THINGS OF OCTOBER”

Finding wellness and balance in my new normal

Prior to the pandemic my schedule was always full. After work I often had evening meetings several times each week. My weekends were also booked. If I didn’t have something scheduled on Saturday, I definitely had something scheduled on Sunday. There were multiple times when I was double and even tripled booked. Sometimes I wouldContinue reading “Finding wellness and balance in my new normal”


I have often heard the phrase that “finding friends as an adult is hard” but is it? If we break it down, what has changed from making friends when you were in kindergarten to now? Are you being friendly? Are you finding similarities? Are you creating spaces to get to know each other? Do youContinue reading “FRIENDS 101”


Aasha’s favorite things of SEPTEMBER: 1. Idetail Pdx @Idetailpdx 2. Shaken Coconut Cacao coffee https://baristapdx.com/3.The Pencil Test https://www.thepenciltest.com/4.Themed parties 5.Reservation Dogs http://www.hulu.com Darcell’s favorite things of SEPTEMBER: 1. Pie Spot-mini Brown Butter Pecan Pie https://www.pie-spot.com 2. Fenty Fashion 2021 on Amazon Prime3. TriPPPy Cider https://www.shopmcmenamins.com4. Homemade Golden Milk Lattes5. @notkarltonbanks

Shifting L’s to Lessons.

As I am getting older I am trying to shift my perspective of loss. I always say everything happens for a reason but am I really living out that statement? I know I am not alone with being hyper focused on the mistakes, the failures and the negative situations that have happened in my life.Continue reading “Shifting L’s to Lessons.”

You deserve better than this sh*t

I am not a relationship expert by any means but sharing might help the next person. I have seen enough to know what I do not like and what does not work for me. The dating field is an interesting place to be. In my experience I have been feeling like it has been aContinue reading “You deserve better than this sh*t”

Traveling Essentials by Good2Know

Aasha’s travel essentials What to wear and bring to the airport: Layers. Have a t-shirt, with a zip up hoodie, leggings and sneakers. Never know what the temperature is at the airport or the plane. Sneakers because you might need to run to a gate. If you can, bring headphones. Airpods + old headphones with theContinue reading “Traveling Essentials by Good2Know”


Aasha’s favorite things of AUGUST: 1.Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO 2.Nike cap 3.Park hangouts4.The Cookout alliance on Big Brother5. No Love Lost album by Blxst Darcell’s favorite things of AUGUST: 1. Riu Montego Bay2. Rum Cream3. I’m Still Here-Austin Channing Brown4. Blue Mountain Coffee5. Naps FAVORITE THINGS OF THE YEAR In honor of Good2KnowContinue reading “OUR FAVORITE THINGS OF AUGUST”


Aasha’s favorite things of JULY: Ding Tea (Williams) 4225 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97217 Glass Carafes Knotless braids Victoria Bar 4835 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97217 Introvert memes on IG Darcell’s favorite things of JULY: 1. Big Brother on CBS2. Coalition Art Gallery coalitionartgallery.com3. Summer of Soul (Hulu)4. Visit with baby Jordyn 😍5.Continue reading “OUR FAVORITE THINGS OF JULY”


Hey ya’ll we did a sake adventure a couple weeks ago and wanted to share. Our selections were Yuri Masamune Beautiful Lily, Hakutsuru Chika Sake Cup and Hakutsuru Draft Sake. Darcell’s picks:1.Yuri Masamune Beautiful Lily2. Hakutsuru Draft Sake3. Hakutsuru Chika Sake Cup Aasha’s picks :1. Hakutsuru Draft Sake2. Hakutsuru Chika Sake Cup3.Yuri Masamune Beautiful LilyContinue reading “SAKE ADVENTURE”