Aasha’s favorite things of AUGUST:

  1. Poppy handbag https://www.co-poppy.com/
  2. Ebin 24 hr edge tamer extra mega hold https://www.ebinnewyork.com/
  3. Miss Jessie Mafura hair oil https://missjessies.com/
  4. Lemon water 
  5. Ooo nail polish Fon https://www.ooopolish.com/

Darcell’s favorite things of AUGUST:

  1. Helen Rose Skin Care Co. Rose Petal Toner   https://helenroseco.com/
  2. Buttah Skincare by Dorian Renaud Vitamin C Serum https://www.buttahskin.com/
  3. Ooo Nail Polish Grace https://www.ooopolish.com/
  4. Ooli Beauty Loc’d and Loaded Loc Gel https://oolibeauty.com/
  5. Butter Swim Biscuits https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/280473/butter-swim-biscuits/

*A special thing to note is Co-poppy, Miss Jessie, Ooo Polish, Helen Rose, Buttah Skincare and Ooli Beauty are Black owned businesses.

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