Aasha’s favorite things of SEPTEMBER

1. Nike run club app https://www.nike.com/nrc-app
2. Lavender bubble tea from Yang’s Noodles http://www.yangsnoodle.com/
3.Helen Rose lavender wild orange skin and hair oil https://helenroseco.com/collections/deep-moisture-oil-collection/products/deep-moisture-oil-lavender-wild-orange
4.Tate’s cookies https://www.tatesbakeshop.com/
5.Girlfriends on Netflix 

Darcell’s favorite things of SEPTEMBER

1. Angel’s Donuts Buttermilk Bar find it at 2805 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211
2. Silk pillow cases https://www.tanga.com/
3. KMD Candles –Jamaican Me Crazy https://www.kmdkandles.com/
4. Ooo nail polish Candace https://www.ooopolish.com/
5. Yang’s Noodles http://www.yangsnoodle.com/

*A special thing to note is Helen Rose, KMD Candles and Ooo nail polish are Black owned businesses.

*just to note the favorite things list aren’t in a particular order.

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