Aasha’s favorite things of OCTOBER:

1. Strawberry Champagne jam https://www.gingifers.com/shop-1
2. Lanolips https://lanolips.com/
3. Electric kettle 
4. Hocus Pocus 2 https://www.disneyplus.com/
5. Cheesecake

Darcell’s favorite things of OCTOBER:

1. Roku Gewürztraminer
2. Learning about BASL (Black American Sign Language) https://projecthbw.ku.edu/uncategorized/black-american-sign-language-basl/
3. World Stage Theater Arts Annex (1935 SE Powell Blvd)
4. Portland Playhouse: Chicken and Biscuits Play
5. TWA Hotel at JFK

BONUS: Darcell’s favorite things of OCTOBER in Jamaica

1. Fish in foil and Festival
2. Buttery Nipple Shot (Drink)
3. Grape Nut Ice Cream
4. Black River Safari/Crocodile Tour 
5. Blue Mountain Coffee

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