An Inclusive Rideshare for the PDX Community is on its way with your help! I don’t know about you but I have had some unpleasant and sometimes scary rideshares. Go Girl Ride is trying to help. I looked on their fundraiser website and found this information that I wanted to share:

The Problem: Women and non-binary people do not feel safe or valued in regular rideshare or taxi services. Everyone should feel protected on their journey. No one should have to worry about getting home safely. 

The Answer: Go Girl RIde is on a mission is to create a culture where everyone* feels safe to go their own way.  And we need your help!  Without funding we are stalled, unable to move forward.

*Anyone who self-identifies as a woman in a way that is meaningful to them, non-binary, non-gender conforming, genderqueer, and/or a proud feminist is warmly welcomed here.

The website also states : Womxn and non-binary riders and drivers are often placed in uncomfortable situations when using rideshare apps. We are creating a company that caters to the protection of all womxn and non-binary people.

We plan to offer rides in Portland, OR in Spring of 2021. Even if our app hasn’t been developed yet, we intend to offer a pilot program that operates like a private ride service (a very friendly private ride service). We will contract womxn and non-binary drivers and still use the safety standards that will be implemented with our app; background checks, interviews, driving test, and a few other things. 

Last month I purchased the Go Girl Ride $50 Tier and here are the details of that:

Go Girl Ride $50 Tier

  • Social Media shout out on Go Girl Ride’s Instagram stories.
  • Go Girl Ride Safety Kit with everything you need to thrive as you are: pepper spray, stunlight (taser and a flash light), kitten defensive ears, a face masks, GO NOW device (seat belt cutter with window breaker), and a key chain. 

If you want to learn more about their story and how to support them here is the website https://ifundwomen.com/projects/go-girl-ride

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