Photo Scavenger Hunt

Being in quarantine has taken a toll on me. I was so used to being able go where ever I wanted, when I wanted and with whoever I wanted. This shift has changed how I interact and how I spend my time. My mother (Darcell) and I have been motivating each other to go out and take advantage of the beautiful weather in Portland. I encourage whoever is reading this to go outside and do this photo scavenger hunt that we created for ourselves just for fun.

Photo Scavenger hunt list.
1. Something that brings you joy
2. A cause you support
3. Flowers or Plants
4. Favorite color
5. Animal
6. Favorite number
7. A Black lives matter sign
8. Something that represents the season we are in
9. Stickers or posters
10. Food

Bonus points: If you see someone you know when you are out for your scavenger hunt walk. We saw our lovely neighbor DeAsha on our walk.

Below are some pictures from our scavenger hunt walk:

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