A binge list for the statewide freeze

From November 18 to December 2, Oregon will be in a statewide Two-Week Freeze to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19 across Oregon. These risk reduction measures are critical in limiting the spread of COVID-19, reducing risk in communities more vulnerable to serious illness and death, and helping conserve hospital capacity so that all Oregonians can continue to have access to quality care. https://govstatus.egov.com/or-covid-19?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwMP9BRCzARIsAPWTJ_G4aKhNfkIAltWArFfw7pS3HUMYV0r9969pibEQgSXFWd39HVWT0N0aAphiEALw_wcB

Since we will be on a statewide freeze we wanted to give you a list of 24 tv shows and movies to help pass the time. We hope you will enjoy some of our favorites. Darcell & Aasha

TV Shows 
1.Girlfriends (8 seasons) Netflix
2. Grey’s Anatomy (16 seasons) Netflix
3. This is Us (5 seasons) Hulu 
4. Vampire Diaries (8 seasons) Netflix 
5. Criminal Minds (12 seasons) Netflix 
6. Moesha (6 seasons) Netflix 
7. Boy Meets World (7 seasons) Disney+
8. Dexter (8 seasons) Netflix 
9. The Office (9 seasons) Netflix 
10. Breaking Bad ( 5 seasons) Netflix 
11. Shameless (10 seasons) Netflix 
12. Insecure (4 seasons) HBO 

1. Final Destination series 
2. Clueless
3. Mean Girls
4. Crooklyn
5. Gone Girl 
6. Enough
7. Roll Bounce 
8. Friday series
9. Death Becomes Her
10. My Best Friend’s Wedding
11. First Wives Club 
12. The Water Boy 

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