Aasha’s favorite things of AUGUST:

1.Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO
2.Nike cap
3.Park hangouts
4.The Cookout alliance on Big Brother
5. No Love Lost album by Blxst

Darcell’s favorite things of AUGUST:

1. Riu Montego Bay
2. Rum Cream
3. I’m Still Here-Austin Channing Brown
4. Blue Mountain Coffee
5. Naps

In honor of Good2Know being 1 year old, we have a special addition of favorite things.

Aasha’s favorite things:
1.Poppy hand painted handbag (IG @co.poppy)
2. Drink Mamey https://www.drinkyajuice.com/
3. Satin bonnet www.scotchbonnetsbydani.com
4.Everybody Eats PDX https://everybodyeats503.com/
5. Ebin edge control www.ebinnewyork.com

Darcell’s favorite things:
1. Grateful Vineyard Winery and Tasting Room https://www.gratefulvineyards.com/
2. Sunny days, including walks around the neighborhood and sitting on the porch. 
3. Z’Aseelah Body Oil www.zaseelah.com
4. Helen Rose Skin Care Co. -Liquid African Black Soap https://helenroseco.com/
5. Ooli-loc gel https://oolibeauty.com/

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