Traveling Essentials by Good2Know

Aasha’s travel essentials

What to wear and bring to the airport:

Layers. Have a t-shirt, with a zip up hoodie, leggings and sneakers. Never know what the temperature is at the airport or the plane. Sneakers because you might need to run to a gate. If you can, bring headphones. Airpods + old headphones with the jack. Some airplanes have free movies but you can’t watch if you don’t have the right headphones. A lightweight blanket and a neck pillow if you know you have a long flight or middle seat. A pack of cards, Uno, a book and a word search. Empty water bottle to fill at the airport and snacks. Bring Tylenol/Ibuprofen and packs of Emergen-C.

What to pack:

I travel a lot so I have a pre-packed bag of toiletries with lotion, deodorant, eye glass cleaner, cotton balls, q-tips, baby wipes, soap, bobby pins, travel toothpaste, hair ties and a bonnet. I replenish when I need to. Layers. Even if you are going to a hot destination, bring pants. I always bring at least one pair of jeans. Overpack undergarments. Act like you are staying for a month even if it’s a 3 day trip. Bring enough socks. Bring another pair of sneakers if you want to do adventure things. Nothing worse than having one pair of shoes and they are wet when it’s time to travel back home. Pack pajamas but some that can double as an outfit if it’s an emergency fire drill (definitely happened before). Pack some to wear around the room and if you need to get ice. One essential clothing item was an oversized lightweight button down. You can tie it to be a cute shirt, you can dress it down to wear with leggings and you can tie it around just in case you need a shirt if it’s cold.

Darcell’s travel essentials

-incense matches
-Black Girl Sunscreen
-swim suit wraps/cover ups
-biker shorts
-denim shorts
-hair bonnet 
-cash-small bills $1 and $5
-Mario Badescu face spray
-pain relievers
-download audiobooks/podcasts (Libby-borrow using your library card)
-travel outfit-leggings, tennis shoes, tank top/t-shirt, zip up hooded sweatshirt
-travel pillow and blanket
-assortment of face coverings-washable and disposable 
-eye glass cleaner wipes

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