You deserve better than this sh*t

I am not a relationship expert by any means but sharing might help the next person. I have seen enough to know what I do not like and what does not work for me. The dating field is an interesting place to be. In my experience I have been feeling like it has been a game of basketball and we keep checking the ball back to each other. Flirting is happening but no moves are made. No baskets are being shot and then you find out you are playing soccer. A whole different game but so much fumbling. It’s a wild ride of uncertainty, walls being up, lack of vulnerability and trying to pick out if someone is being genuine with you or  wanting JUST your body (being honest). I have found in my various conversations with people that we all want the real thing but are having a hard time finding it. I honestly think somebody is lying in the equation. How is everyone wanting love? But somehow we are lacking candidates. My thoughts are we are scared to lower our walls, scared of rejection, scared of being vulnerable, scared to change, scared of someone holding you accountable, scared to fail, scared to be challenged and scared of actually finding love. So then we have these “talking stages” of uncertainty, lack of communication and lots of words without actions and we end up hurting someone or we get hurt. All that to say: be careful in this dating world, recognize red flags in the beginning, have open communication and don’t blame yourself for someone else’s uncertainty to you. You deserve someone who is all in. It shouldn’t be iffy. It shouldn’t be a one sided thing. You deserve someone who is intentional about you. You deserve a good love.


3 thoughts on “You deserve better than this sh*t

  1. Fantastic advice overall. And this is one of the best descriptions of dating or relationships I’ve ever heard: “No baskets are being shot and then you find out you are playing soccer.”


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